THREE CHAIRS FOR REFUGEES harnesses the power of digital art to promote the individual and social well-being of refugees resettling in the Seattle metropolitan area.


Forced by war or persecution to flee their homelands, refugees arriving on our Seattle soil face untold obstacles in gaining the capacity and access they need to fully participate in our society. 

Telling their stories....

Featured video: Daga Abdella, "Confidence."                          

Contact liz@3chairs.org to view additional stories from our collection.


The  telling and sharing of their personal stories promises to ease the adjustment process by cultivating self-efficacy, and providing refugees with valuable tools for advocating their interests, building cross-cultural community, and informing and engaging the general public. 


Sharing their stories...

Seattle refugee youth were happy to share their personal video-narratives on the big screen, and to answer questions from audience members in a packed house at the University of Washington. The refugee teens  were grateful to the UN Refugee Agency for sponsoring their "premiere"  screening, an event they  planned together with UW college students.